The High Water Marks Share Fantastic Machine

The High Water Marks are perhaps most well-known as a band led by Elephant 6 co-founder Hilarie Sidney; I think their glorious return in 2020 with Ecstasy Rhymes showed that the band is more than just the history of its members. Their newest single immediately should let you know the band mean business; it’s a quick pumping pop rock tune, gritty in its riff work when necessary, though all pulled together by the melodic notes that dominate the verses. There’s this emphatic moment in the vocals leading into the chorus like when it says “do you have to go” where the tones get this slight urgency, and it just gets me every time; then it leads into the chorus where Hilarie makes a nice vocal appearance in the backing ground. But, it’s not all melodic pop, with a fierce instrumental battle closing out the tune! This track features on Proclaimer of Things, the new album out on February 4th.

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