Papercuts Announce Past Life Regression

I was hoping when Papercuts dropped Baxter’s Bliss EP late last year, Jason Quever was hinting at a brand new LP, and here we are friends; the band announce Past Life Regression, with two new tracks! Both give us a glimpse at varying sounds Jason’s toying with on the new record. “I Want My Jacket Back” definitely feels like it takes place in a more nostalgic era of San Francisco (Quever’s current homebase). Still, the song evolves, transcending into this cavernous folk pop sound suited for a day watching the fog roll on, all before the sun shines on the tune once more. Turn to “The Strange Boys” and you’ve got something a little that feels a little heavier in a sense. There’s something about the way all the sounds mix that is a bit disorienting, like your record is warped. Take that in tow with Jason’s voice, and it naturally creates this pleasantry that’s maximized when it peaks at the chorus. The new LP will be out on April 1st via Slumberland.


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