The Squiggles Sign to Alcopop Records, Drop New Tune

Niall McCamley was once a part time comedian, as well as the drummer for revered (and missed) pop act the Spook School; he is also just a super nice human being. But, as of late he’s been working on his own project, Squiggles; they just announced their signing to Alcopop Records for a brand new EP, so of course we’re all over it. The song’s video seems to hit on some self-reflection, offering up relatable admissions in between the track’s emphatic bursts of pure pop bliss. You also get some familiar friends in AC (Spook School) and Sophie (Life Model) adding in some stellar backing vocals, building on the hook power that Niall’s laying down. Like his former act, Squiggles seems to be walking that fine line between personal, motivational and all out joy. So come on, be a Squiggle.

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