Howless Release Video for Unlucky

The forthcoming debut from Mexico City’s Howless is pretty high upon my list of things to come down the pipeline, and with their latest single, they step up their sound a bit here, adding in some anthemic pop flare. At first, the angular guitar work shimmers, bringing in this natural hook that’s inescapable. But, the more I listen, the more that Dominique’s vocal performance, combined with the guitars and rhythm, builds this anxiety that plays right into the lyrical concept of “self-sabotage;” there’s this edge that both listener and narrator are tight-roping upon, unsure which side of the coin will land. It’s this sort of attention to detail that allows the band to toy with the darker concepts while offering dreamy soundscapes with pop references. To Repel Ghosts will be out this Friday via Static Blooms Records.

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