Coach Phillips Drop New AA Single

Really enjoying these fresh Coach Phillips tunes from their new Double A side single, and perhaps there’s a few of you who might feel the same? The band are playing in the same sandbox as Hovvdy or the like, breaking bread with old emo tendencies and dipping it in the wine cup of present bedroom pop. On “Parker Dam” the band take their intimate moments and throw in some punctuated riffs, giving off a heaviness, then layer the vocals with Jess Kim’s backing voice, which buoys the track. “M. Hurley” is a little bit more along the lines of the traditional, playing over carefully strummed guitar notes; I love how this tune has a nice vocal shift, albeit a brief one, but it adds a nice tough to the solemnity of this track. Enjoy both the tunes below, and look for an EP in the near future!


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