Stream Posmic’s Sun Hymns EP

Posmic is a relatively new band featuring members of Post Pink and Wildhoney, and their new Sun Hymns EP is officially available for your indulgence as you go on your day. It’s going to be impossible to pigeonhole the group, as each song on this EP seems to branch into varying genres, dabbling in elements of psychedelic pop or touching on fuzzy power pop or linking up with more modern notes. “Whirly King,” for instance, sounds like the band said “Parquet Courts are cool, but what if they made less spastic pop jams with dueling vocal melodies?” Then there are other tunes that feel like the band’s DC area locale bleeds into the tunes, such as on “Mynah Hymn.” And don’t miss out by jamming to a few tunes, as “Black and Blue” is one of the EP’s secret weapons! Sun Hymns is officially out tomorrow via Let’s Pretend Records.

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