New Jams from the Austin Scene

Feel like I neglected Austin last week, so wanted to make up for it by sharing a couple of the tunes that’ve been chilling for the last two weeks; we’ve got new tunes from Queen Serene and Gentleman Rogues.

Queen Serene began as Sarah Ronan’s new bedroom project, but as you can tell by the darkened post-punk sounds here, things have been fleshed out into a full on rock n’ roll hotbed. Love the way this tune goes back and forth between sort of slinky early 80s sounds and a driving guitar exploration that recalls acts like Television.

Gentleman Rogues have just teamed up with Snappy Little Numbers, and dammit if they didn’t go and try to one-up their label by creating the snappiest little pop rock tune. The track hits with a heavy mix that puts the guitars right up front. Perfect for all you pop rock fans, the new 7″ drops on April 1st.

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