Jeanines Drop Who’s in the Dark Single

I’m not going to lie; I thought there wouldn’t be a finer pop tune this year after hearing “Any Day Now,” but it seems that Jeanines were intent upon topping even their own great pop, and we’ve got it below. Alicia Jeanine’s vocal performance instantly pulls at you, coming off like some angelic Nico impersonator; Jed’s backing vocals add a slight buoyancy too, as if the track needed it. Amidst all the frantic jangle and succinct drum work, Alicia hits these high notes meant to shatter your heart with their perfect tonality. Then, a quick summary warmly wraps up the tune and its title, leaving you with the perfect piece of pop to put in your pocket and take out when in need of a little joy. Just another stellar example to get you excited to pick up Don’t Wait for a Sign, out April 22nd via Slumberland.

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