Show Pics: Good Morning @ Hotel Vegas (5/3)

Weve got a little show photo coverage action of another night that is part of the manic schedule right now. Good Morning is touring the US after the pandemic prevented travel in support BARNYARD that was released on October of 2021. The record has chill vibes and a few hits. In support, we also saw Packs, bringing back the dream of the 90s.

Click on through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics…

We regrettably missed Hall Johnson, but the soundtrack we got on the walk up the street was solid. They play most of their shows up around campus, so keep and eye out for an excuse to hang north of the river for an evening.

Packs brings slacker vibes to life. The Canadian collection led by Madeline Link sauntered through their set as the relative heat of Texas brought a bead of sweat to their brows. The minor/off-key riffs occupy space in two to three minute slices. By all means, check out TAKE THE CAKE if any of that sounds cool to you, as a highlight pick Two Hands.

Good Morning continued the vibe, though more layered and nuanced as Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons trade vocal duties and a fully fleshed out band at times full up of three guitars, a few keyboards, a saxophone, chimes, a veritable Guitar Center of sources. Naturally, the hits that are Country and Wahlberg off of BARNYARD were highlights for me, both benefitting from the even looser nature of the live setting. Theyre were playing outside, an apparent anomaly that was much appreciated. Nice.

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