Voxtrot Announce Early Music Compilation + Rarities

It’s hard not to wax nostalgically about what a great time the Austin scene was back in the 2000s; it was a city that could do no wrong, from the release of Casual Victim Pile to indie darlings like Harlem; it was one of the most vibrant scenes around. And, perhaps my favorite, was Voxtrot, a band that shot to the top only to sparkle and quietly fade. But, today the band announce they will release an Early Music Compilation, featuring all their earlier EPs combined into one listen; it seems like a no brainer to grab it on this Bandcamp Friday. Plus, they’ll also have a super limited Cut from the Stone: Rarities and B- Sides release. And and and! There’s more! The band have shows next Fall! Shows! Okay. I’m super giddy. Please don’t buy all the copies of this before I can! Check out this new video compiled by Miguel Hinojosa of all this old footage from the band’s 2005 tour.

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