R.E. Seraphin Announces New EP

Long ago, RE Seraphin was a powerhouse Austin musician, but feeling the call, he moved out to the San Francisco area, where he’s been fortunate to polish up his stomping power pop sounds. We’re stoked to point you in the direction of the new Swingshift EP, which is dropping late this month via Dandy Boy/Mt. St. Mtn/Safe Suburban Homes. This is an interesting effort, featuring the constant drum stomp that serves as the song’s foundation. From there, the tune hangs on an almost garage vibe, though you can’t help but feel the Bay Area pop goodness shining through there, particularly as the song moves into the chorus, which wouldn’t seem too far out of line on a Papercuts LP. Stoked for R.E and company; the EP drops on May 27th.

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