Stuff That Slipped By….Looking Back on Last Week

So, it’s a busy time over here. End of the school year. TEA demands state testing, which means no breaks or off periods. So, a few things slipped by me last week, things I love and would have covered. So, here they are, with quick notes on why you should listen. So, go ahead and do that.

Time ShareYellow EP

Jordan from Pop Filter/Ocean Party is no stranger on this site. His great new EP dropped last week, produced by Snowy, who funnily enough, we actually hung out with last week.

James WaveySnowy Beach

James an exciting poet, songwriter, who just dropped this record via Dandy Boy Records. It falls in the line somewhere between King Krule or Cody Chestnutt, but with more of a rap focus; it’s for those of you looking to take your hip-hop just a little further.

Emma KupaVisitation 03 01 EP

I’ve been writing about Emma for as long as I can remember being introduced to her songwriting. This go round she sat down to craft a handful of tunes with little more than her guitar and moving emotions.

Rose MercieKieres Agua

This band is so incredible, and I’m increasingly shocked after spending time with this record that more folks aren’t fawning over them. If there was a record to listen to laying on the floor of your room, then surely this is the one.



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