Interior Geometry Shares Tender Terrible

You might recognize Jared Sparkes as one of the members of Michigan’s Dont, but for now, we’re focused on his solo project Interior Geometry and the sounds of the forthcoming Tore Through the Sky EP. A great deal of the EP is spend with Jared meandering the territory between extravagant bedroom pop like early Grandaddy and the noisier tendencies in his songwriting. But, for “Tender Terrible” he’s given up the vocal duties to Mary Fraser (Child Sleep), who allows us to fixate on this sweet melody while the buried jangling guitar line dances in the background. There’s no way you can escape the infectious joy in both the chorus and the following work on the keys; it reminds me of the playful soul we got on those early Camera Obscura records, so I know a whole bunch of you are going to spend your day fawning here. Look for the EP later this summer, which was mixed and mastered by Fred Thomas, so we get an added bonus here.

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