Erie Choir Preps Bad Tsars Was a Drag

Erie Choir began as the solo-project of Eric Roehrig, at the time as a side-project from his other band Sorry About Dresden. Throughout, Eric’s drop an album here, an EP there, followed up with another LP, and at times, thrown a track here and there for benefits and compilations. But, in just over a week, Erie Choir will be releasing a 25 track collection of rarities and obscure tunes (not to mention a few rad covers) that fans have been clamoring to see put into one official release. Even better, Eric’s been kind enough to drop one of the more obscure tracks in our lap, so we could share it with you. At times, you can hear a more rocking version of the Walkmen, with Roehrig’s pipes positioning themselves right along Hamilton. Still, there’s this sort of haphazard nature to it, something that has made his work so endearing for the last 20 or so years. Bad Tsars Was a Drag will officially be streaming on June 10th via Potluck Foundation.

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