Catching Up on the Austin Scene: Adrian Quesada, Queen Serene + More

It’s been a busy few weeks down here in Texas, musically speaking, with tons of stuff getting released left and right, so wanted to be sure we got some news out that we’re stoked to jam to as of late.

Adrian Quesada – Boleros Psicodelicos

Adrian’s work is central to Austin’s heartbeat at the moment, be it Black Pumas or his other projects. As a huge fan of traditional boleros, and psychedelic music, this combination of the two is hitting right in the sweet spot. Plus, it’s getting picked up by every NPR station, so you know your dad and his friends will be talking about it.

Queen Serene – Better Things/Waiting Room

This band is one of the more exciting recent bands to pop up on the Austin radar, and their live set matches the jams. They just recently dropped this tasty 2 song morsel for our ears, and “Better Things” frantic art-punk energy is the perfect little jam for your day.

Chronophage – Self-Titled LP

If I were to vote for my favorite listen this last week, it would be the new LP from Chronophage. Interestingly, they’ve taken their darkness and turned into this broad sweeping pop that seems fit for the underground sounds of the 80s. You gotta listen!

Charley Horse – Summer EP

This group is the new project of our old friend Kevin Cavanaugh, and his new outfit is hitting the perfect guitar pop vibes on this one; I keep coming back to an early Surfer Blood comparison. Check out their brand new 4 tune EP!


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