Scarves Announce New LP

I always forget how much I enjoy listening to Scarves. There’s something in the band that just screams Pacific Northwest, in its heyday. They’ve just announced their new album, their first since 2018’s Dinner Dates for the End of Days, and with it, they’re reminding us of their sound with “Heavy Eyes.” Something about Niko’s voice always reminds me of the earlier years of Built to Spill, when things weren’t quite so clean and the beauty was in the details that seemed misplaced. There’s also some similarities to early Death Cab, which I’m pretty sure is still okay to admit you liked (I did; I still do!), so if you’re feeling like you miss that PNW sound, then why not just listen to Scarves; their new album Delicate Creatures is out August 26th via Good Eye Records.

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