The Special Pillow Announce Mind Wipe EP

Despite countless trends pointing elsewhere, timeless pop music is always in fashion, particularly over here. So, here we are with a brand new single from The Special Pillow, an acts that’s been at it for nearly 30 years, and counts Yo La Tengo as huge supporters. Listening to this brand new single, I’ve got all sort of things running through my head, at least when I’m thinking of comparisons. At times, the guitars play into the jangling pop that’s working its way around with the likes of the Umbrellas or Boys with Perpetual Nervousness. But, ultimately this band sounds to me like New Pornographers if they were able to tighten their sound (they always felt overly noisy in spots). The pop bops are noticeable in between jangles, and this tune uses multiple layers of vocals to seduce the listeners. In the end, timeless pop music is made by great songwriting, and The Special Pillow has that for days…Mind Wipe EP is out in September via Zofko.

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