Slow Rosary Share First Letter to Halstead

When I first started listening to Slow Rosary on last year’s Refinery, I was drawn to their broad folk ballads; it reminded me of the early 00s, where it was dripping with emotion and power (it still does). On their new album, it seems like we’re getting an experience strikingly to the left, as you hear in the latest track they’ve released. This one feels like an adventure into the spiritual realm, whose themes run through Free Wifi in the Vatican (note: not Vatican City!); it also has this haunting beauty, as the vocals sort of faintly warble in and out of focus, with instrumentation eerily fighting for your attention. This is the sort of track where you lose yourself, forgetting where you are, maybe even who you are, only to come out and grab a copy of their new album. Free Wifi in the Vatican drops on Friday!

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