Ben Shemie Shares the Return Single

Ben Shemie, known for his work in SUUNS, has a new solo record dropping really soon, and his latest single just keeps toying with me as I put it on repeat. Sure, the light effects on the video are something altogether anxiety inducing, but I keep coming back to the tune because it so brilliantly builds this tension…that you’ll have to read on to find out if it comes to fruition. The beat races from the beginning, an electronic line that has that futuristic pulse to it; it’s then textured by a synthetically sterile drum beat. All of this allows Shemie to spread his manufactured melody atop the groove; there are some sonic stretches in the voice that build the sound. For me, I kept waiting for it to release, for something satisfying and heavy to drop into the frame. But, it doesn’t, and I think that restraint is why I keep coming back, sitting in the presence of the tune all on its own. Desiderata will be released on July 15th via Joyful Noise/Backward Music.

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