Free Time Announce Jangle Jargon

We haven’t heard from Free Time in quite some time, but Dion Nania’s band returns with one of my favorite tracks of recent weeks right here, along with the announcement of Jangle Jargon. Rushing in with those jangling guitars doesn’t ever do any harm, and I love how some of the notes jet off into their own little mini-solos, adding some bounce to the tune here and there. The vocals hold onto this cool indifference, and somehow Dion feels like he’s channeling an Australian Dan Treacy. One of the great things about this tune, however, is the musicianship is on full display, with plenty of moments where they band just let it rip, vocal free, yet still keeping the vibe going. If you dig, Jangle Jargon is out September 30th via Bedroom Suck.

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