Slum Summer Drop Tenderize the Night Video

If you missed out on Slum Summer‘s 2019 masterpiece, ABABO, you missed an incredible batch of pop rock tunes that you couldn’t get out of your head. So, you should start THERE. Once you’ve done that, check out the brand new video from the group’s forthcoming record, then relish the feel good vibes your soaking up at the moment. Musically, the band are playing a heavy jangling pop rock at the moment, akin to recent stuff from Monnone Alone or the like; it’s energetic and driving, with these riffs ready to rip right through your apartment walls. Hugh Noble’s voice on the other hand, still holds a bit of that ex-Brit tone, though I’ll admit, his delivery has him channeling a bit of a more melodic J. Mascis…adding to the enjoyment factor on my behalf. You’ll even get an added kick when there’s some backing female vocals giving the hook a bit of extra depth! I love it, as you should. And, if you do, then grab be sure to keep an eye out for Living in Milk, dropping August 6th via Jigsaw Records.

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