Curfews Drops Psalms to Strip To EP

Felt like yesterday got sort of hung up in a kind of mellowed vibe, which was perfect, matching all the tunes that I was enjoying. But, today, I wanted to kick myself in the ass a little bit, get some energy beneath me and kind of kick on into the day…thus, here I am covering the new Psalms to Strip To EP from Curfews..more specifically, the closing track “Trophy Case.” You can feel the heaviness of this tune almost instantly, with that crunchy riff driving right through your speakers. Melody is omnipresent here, though mostly in the way the vocals are done, getting a little emphatic punch when necessary; it’s just a straight ripper you’re going to rush to turn up real loud!

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  • Corey & Co really nailed it with this one. Guard on Duty is my favorite track. Corey is really stepping his songwriting up, not that it was ever bad but there’s some legit great songs on this EP. Impressive stuff.

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