Kramies Share Owl and the Crow Video

If you’re looking for that emotionally transportive tune for your day, then might I suggest you invest a little bit of time in this new track from Kramies. Both the video and the song begin in sort of a dense fog, a sort of blur on the edges of an acoustic strum, setting you up for a track that will weave its way in and out of your speakers. An emphatic chorus gives off a heavenly little buzz, aided by an accompanying vocal accent; it allows for the song to push the limits of your expectations, feeling the tune swell through your speakers despite the intimate nature of the acoustic strum. There’s something haunting here too, particularly when listened with the accompanying film, as you never seem able to completely focus, like you’re just barely holding the song in your consciousness before it seeps into the inner-workings of your mind. If you dig, Kramies, the band’s new LP will be out on September 9th via VanGerrett Records.

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