New Single & Interview From Julie Odell

When we pump out all this new music, it’s also often fun to get a little perspective from the individuals who actually make this music to hopefully give you some insight into your favorite artists. Today I am straight amped to share with you the new single “Envelope” from New Orleans based artist Julie Odell along with some short interview questions. This new single is from Odell’s upcoming album Autumn Eve due out on September 30th via Frenchkiss Records. Hit the jump for the single and interview from Julie Odell.

ATH: First, your debut is coming out on Frenchkiss soon. The label has sort of become legendary now in the indie world with over 20+ years of releases. How does it feel to be on such a well known and legendary label in the music world? Do you think it’s still necessary for musicians to have labels? What’s your favorite old release on the Frenchkiss label? (mine is probably Antlers).

JO: I honestly was in a little bit of a shock when Frenchkiss first expressed interest. It was like a dream to be signed to a label and always seemed so far out of reach. They’re all rad people and have been so sweet to work with. I feel really lucky to have ended up here with them.

I think it probably depends on the musician. I know some musicians who have that supernatural networking gift and are doing great on their own. I think my personality benefits from more of a team setting so it feels necessary for me personally. I had been writing and performing on my own for 15 years before signing to Frenchkiss so it just felt logical to commit to this and take a different route in my career.

The Antlers are wonderful. It’s hard to pick just one. I used to put The Dodos on all the mix cds I’d make for my friends so I think I have to go with them for nostalgia points.

ATH: What was the recording of the new album like for you?

JO: It started out feeling pretty intense. Really zooming in on everything with a microscopic audio lens for my own solo songs was relatively new for me, but my band was so supportive and made everything breezy and fun and exciting.

ATH: Were you affected at all by the pandemic?

JO: I ended up moving to my sister’s farm in Indiana with my daughter for three months when lockdown first happened. We were way out in the middle of nowhere with tons of fields to look out on so the whole thing was a good opportunity for me to sit and write.

That was also right around the time I signed to Frenchkiss so inevitably all our plans to release the record that year ended up changing. I’m pretty sure it ended up being for the better because absolutely nothing has been rushed now and we’ve built a stronger team around this whole project so it was good to just let go and wait it out.

ATH: I noticed that you recently became a mom, are a lot of your new songs inspired by motherhood?

JO: It’s hard to not be affected in some way in every aspect of life after becoming a mom so yea I’d say there are particles of motherhood in all my new songs. There are so many lessons I’ve learned about patience, sacrifice, understanding, tenderness, physical and emotional well-being, being present, etc, so my whole perspective on life has completely morphed and that has changed the things I care to write about these days.

ATH: Where did the album recording take place?

JO: Drums and bass were recorded at the Music Shed in New Orleans by our local studio engineer angel, Adam Keil. Most everything else was recorded in Lafayette, LA in Chad Viator’s home studio. Chad is a dear friend and ended up playing lead guitar on the record and gave it so much more sparkle and expansiveness. He was wonderful to work with.

ATH: As a New Orleans based artist, do you think the music scene there has recovered from the pandemic?

JO: Most certainly. The community there is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. During the height of lockdown, there was a small crew going around town hiring musicians to play on their porches and the shows would be beautifully recorded and filmed from the sidewalk, then livestreamed. The support was unwavering. The music culture in New Orleans is one of the main parts of our identity so we picked ourselves up pretty quick with innovative, community supported methods to keep everyone thriving.

ATH: Who are some of your favorite artists and favorite places to see music in New Orleans?

JO: Some, but not all, favorite artists: Ocean Boyfriend, Pope, People Museum, Maggie Belle, Bruisey Peets, Cassie Watson Francillon, Tif Lamson, Irma Thomas, Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses, Ajai Combelic, Lawn, The Deslondes, Leyla McCalla, Sabine McCalla, Maddy Kirgo, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Silver Synthetic, Tuba Skinny, Wavering are just a few. I could go on and on. There are so many incredible artists.

Favorite spots to see music: BJs Bywater, Siberia, One Eyed Jacks, Spotted Cat, Marigny Opera House, Hotel Peter and Paul, Tigermen Den, Saturn Bar

ATH: How about an intro to the new single? What is it about and what was your inspiration for the music?

JO: The new single “Envelope” is about a time a friend sent me a letter just checking in on me and it came to me in such a perfect moment. I was really affected by the power of such a simple, kind gesture and wanted to make a huge deal of it so I wrote this song. Taking the time in our fast-paced, social media society to write a letter, seal it, know the address, stamp it, and send it is radical.

Thanks again Julie for your time and detailed answers! Pre-order Autumn Eve now.

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