Oceans Share New Single, High

The lockdown, while still looming in our thoughts, brought about a lot of creativity for artists, and it seems to have spun Australia’s Oceans in a slightly new direction. Now operating as a full band, there’s a bit of promise on the horizon, and I mean that in more of a metaphorical sense. You can still feel the darkened edges that were present on the Come So Far EP, but there’s an electricity that seems to be dashing through on this brand new single (the first as a full band). For starters, the time stamp has it at just over 2 minutes, meaning the band have to apply a frantic nature to it; you can hear that in the drum’s pounding away and the stabbing guitar lines that knife their way in and out. Still, that dreamy vocal seems to rise and crest, just as the guitars hit with more enthusiasm, blasting you with a cool breeze of delightful melody. This new single is brought to you courtesy of Shelflife Records.

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