Voxtrot Return @ Arts and Crafts (9.8.22)

Austin band Voxtrot has come out of their 12 year hiatus to return with a few reissues, and a slew of dates to celebrate those releases. Well, like all great bands, you’ve got to get your legs back under you, so the band quietly played a warm-up set out in Lockhart last night, and I was fortunate enough to be on hand.

Watching the band take the stage again, not to mention the smiles on their faces as the crowd sang back to them was a perfect moment etched in time. Special shout out to Jennifer Moor (Deep Time) who sang backup vocals throughout the night. The band represented a time in Austin’s music scene when there was so much promise and joy, and it was great to revisit that snapshot…and hope their return signals a similar wash over the city.

I poorly shot a few videos, and cuz I do what I wants, I included them below. And here’s the setlist too, in case you want to know what you might catch on their tour:

Raised by Wolves
Kid Gloves
Berlin Without Return
Your Biggest Fan
Long Haul
Soft & Warm
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
Whiskey & Water
Warmest Part of the Winter
The Start of Something
Wrecking Force

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