Matt Kivel Shares Amagansett Single (ft. Bonnie Prince Billy)

Wednesdays are typically celebratory, as we’re nearing the week’s end, and a little respite from life. But, in listening to this new single from Matt Kivel, the vibe is all about reflection, allowing us to revel in the moment, taking the time to find balance. You can easily find that in the mood, particularly with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy adding in vocal work to texture, but Kivel’s commentary also seems pertinent, hitting on our desire “to seem perfect, to feel no pain, to construct something without dissonance;” it’s that eternal human aspiration, and this song dwells on our continuous trials to find that moment. So take some time and sit with it today, dwell and be present. Matt’s new album Bend Reality – Like a Wave will be out October 14th via Pedro y El Lobo.

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