The Very Most and Starry Eyed Cadet Announce Split

Ah, Tuesdays. Tuesday is a nice day for simple pop joys, and perhaps we might peak too early in the week by sharing this track from Starry Eyed Cadet. Technically, it’s a song done previously by The Very Most from Congratulations Forever, but they’ve mixed it up just a bit to put their own spin. Here, the electronic pulse of the original is still intact, but its been flipped here, turning the guitar and vocals into the driving pop vibe, which ends up creating an almost Camera Obscura-esque sensation. You can look for the Very Most to return the favor and cover Starry Eyed Cadet on the Very Most Starry Eyed Cadet split, which, of course, can only be brought to you by the good folks over at Recorded Psychic Readings/Sunday Records.

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