Marlody Shares Summer Video

Skep Wax is on a tear as of late, with reissues for Heavenly, and now they’re prepping the debut album for Marlody, coming at you early next year. Today they share the lead single, leading us down a path or ornate keyboard playing and soothing melody work from the vocals. While the tune definitely hangs in this realm of ballad work, there’s something meditative in the way the keyboard patterns seem to overlap, lulling you into some sort of trance that forces your attention on the voice and lyrics. It’s video accompaniment takes on this sort of ghostly atmosphere, as if we’re in some sort of earthly purgatory, stuck between two worlds that seem to trip upon one another. If you’re into it, Marlody will release I’m Not Sure at All on January 13th via Skep Wax.

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