Half Dream Share New Single, Roses

Since releasing their Monster of Needing EP back in early pandemic days, Austin’s Half Dream have consistently been act to keep an eye (or ear rather?) on. Well, we’re in luck as today, we get a new single, with the promise that a debut LP is in the works for next year. And, as much as I loved the broad bedroom pop of their EP, their latest works really show how much Paige Berry has grown as a songwriter. This tune has these little guitar notes that hint at twang, but feel like little musical candles flickering behind Berry’s voice. Suddenly, the guitars take off, drums pick up speed and the whole group begins to flex their musical muscle, overlapping a guitar note here and there. Back and forth the song goes, introspective or galloping, all the while, the band just seem to be taunting us with how accomplished they’ve become. Enjoy this jam, and we look forward to hearing more from the group next year.

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