Classic Debut Calls You Home Video

I wanted to wrap up your day with this striking new tune from Australia’s Classic, which is the project helmed by Ashley Bundang. Currently, she’s preparing for the release of Did You Have Fun for early next year, and this song’s going to whet your whistle. I love how the musical structure of the track leaves a huge open space for the vocal work, as that’s the draw you’ll find immediately. There’s hints of psychedelia hanging in the air, but I feel as if singer Christie Crawford is channeling this sort of powerful seductress; you feel as if you’re incapable of pulling yourself away from the tune, like a siren drawing you ashore…or home in this case. It’s a song that hangs on your mind through the day, just like those crisp guitar notes holding it all together. If you’re looking to be beautifully haunted into the end of your day, spend some time here; Did You Have Fun will drop via Blossom Rot upon the new year!

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