Show Highlight: Why Bonnie @ Antones (1.15)

Why Bonnie is one of those local(ish) bands we feel like we grew up with as we were there from the beginning several years ago, the move away from town, and their rise in fandom over the past year. Of course much of this new found buzz has come after the release of the absolutely stunning, and ATH year end list hogging album, 90 in November. Since the band took their talents to the East Coast, we don’t get to see them live as much as we’d like, but they are back in town on Sunday with a headlining show at Antone’s downtown. Prior to the Sunday show, leading lady Blair was kind enough to answer a few burning questions about her band, their last album, and what the future holds. Hit the jump for Q&A along with ticket link and music.


All responses come from leading lady Blair Howerton.

ATH: First off, are you all pleased with the release of the new album? Did it come out the way you wanted? Would you change anything at all?

Blair: Were super happy with how everything came out on this record. We were going for a very low key, raw, band in the room type feel, and I think we achieved it. That being said, we had to jump a lot of hurdles and take a significant amount of risks going into the recording process. We hadn’t played together as a band in almost a year because of the pandemic, and only had 3 practices before jumping into the studio. Of course if I had it another way I would’ve wanted more time for us to collaborate but I do think our circumstances forced us to not overthink things and let the music evolve naturally.

ATH: Are you still happy being on an indie label like Keeled Scales? We love them and call them friends. Would you ever see a jump to a “big label” or is the need of a big label a thing of the past?

Blair: If I could get Keeled Scales tattooed on my forehead I would. But I guess nothing is really stopping me.. except for maybe pressure from Keeled Scales. But in all seriousness, Tony and everyone who works there is so genuine, dedicated, and kind hearted. We really lucked out. The truth about big vs small labels is that its all dependent on your relationship with them. You could be on the biggest and best label but if they don’t really give a shit about you then being on their label wont do you that much good. What you really want is a label who believes in you, has good relationships with other industry folks, and knows what they’re doing.

ATH: What’s in store for the band in 2023? Touring? New music? World Takeover?

Blair: Lots of touring, recording a new album, and yes total world domination but in a nice and fun way.

ATH: As sort of still Austinites, what are the feelings of playing to a hometown crowd? Like a family reunion or…?

Blair: It’s definitely like a family reunion anytime we play. Sometimes our actual family members will come from all over the state, or well get to catch up with a lot of old friends. Its always a good time.

ATH: Back on Austin, who are some of your favorite bands in town?

Blair: Its hard to say! Ill always love going to a Big Bill show. So much good energy comes from those guys. Same goes for Being Dead. Daphne & Sun June will always be icons too. This newer band Font is blowing up right now and understandably so. They played our Austin release show in September and I was blown away.

ATH: Best album(s) of 2022?


MJ Lenderman – Boat Songs

Sorry – Anywhere But Here

Grace Ives – Janky Star


Why Bonnie – 90 In November

Thanks again Blair! Tickets are still available for Sunday’s show here. Locals Sun June and Redbud are opening. You can also get your very own copy of 90 in November at the show or from the band on bandcamp.

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