Stream There’s No I In Spice World from Spice World

I know there are tons of great releases spread out through 2023 already, but I’ve already got There’s No I In Spice World penciled into my Top Ten of the year, and it’s only the 3rd week of January. To be fair, I’d put it there on the back of my favorite tune “Mountain Pony 20” alone, which I’m pretty sure I’ve played nearly 1000 times already. The band manage to walk this line between weary pop and energetic jangling pop. “Useless Feeling” offers that more upbeat churn you’ve come to expect from the current crop of Aussie outfits; the chorus is sublime tossing the steady beat into this joyous dual-vocal euphoria. You’ll find more explorative tracks like “Snake Oil” or “What a Pity What a Shame,” but regardless, you’ve got to stick out ’til the end to play “Dying to Go” at least a handful of times with a smile on your face. Spice World‘s new album is out today via Tenth Court/Meritorio.

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