Waves Crashing Drop The Viewing EP

Already hung out in Olympia earlier this week, so why not set ourselves up with another great Olympian band, Waves Crashing. Today, the band drop their fresh The Viewing EP, which is an essential collection for those into the modern shoegaze sounds. They play with dissonant noise swirling in the background, then tie it to the melody that runs through each track’s central; it reminds me a lot of Austin’s Blushing, albeit with a male vocal. Standout tune “Life on Display” has this thumping rhythm, almost bouncing through your speakers. I love how the group also seem tied to the Pacific Northwest sounds of the late 90s, particularly when you hear a song like “Voices” that carry a bit of charming softness. Give it a listen, and if you buy it through bandcamp, you get gifted a bonus track!

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