About Last Night – ATH vs SOTO @ Vegas

Your friendly neighborhood ATH staff kicked off our SXSW yesterday with the recently reborn ATH vs. Side One Track One party at Hotel Vegas in East Austin. We had a packed house from the time doors opened until things closed down a little after 1am. Hopefully everyone stayed safe out there and got home without incident to start off the week on a high note.

After the jump you can find a few quick thoughts and photos from our team.

RayRay’s Top Bands

Being Dead – An ATH label alumni, Judy and Cody brought a new bass playing friend to the inside stage of Hotel Vegas and brought their usual brand of quirky yet sometimes raging brand of indie rock. Often trading duties behind the drum kit, the trio kept things light at times but also showing the ability to truly get the crowd moshing and dancing in sparse moment. Anyone catch the name of the stand in bass player? He’s one of the best local bass players I’ve seen in a very long time (no pick needed).

A. Sinclair – Simply put, A. Sinclair hit the ground running with a fast paced, guitar driven rock n roll set inside Volstead Lounge and rarely came up for a breath during their 30+ minute set. Sinclair brought along some familiar faces to the stage (I see you Booher) and gave us all a set of rock tunes that we might be want for throughout the week with a bunch of bands who might not be so inclined to wail on a guitar.

RayRay’s Random Thoughts

Big ups to Nathan and John for getting this annual event back together once again. It felt like a family reunion of sorts and the good vibes were clearly felt by not just attendees, but also the bands performing on stage. Several artists mentioned warm hearts, positive energy, and a general feeling of joy in the venue. Thanks my dudes.

I arrived about an hour after the party kicked off and the place was absolutely packed the entire time. It seems like we might be finally “back to normal” this year with everyone wanting to get back out and see some live music.

The Austin local scene is not in fact dead. 3 stages, a slew of great bands, and tons more willing to step in when bands had to drop out. Our scene is alive and well.

Here’s to a great week of music friends. Let’s get it.

Nathan’s Top Bands

Hallo – The band only recently dropped their first single, but they came out of the gate at the show sounding like a band that had been playing together for years. Huge vocal performance and a polish that should definitely keep the rest of Austin on their toes.

Marry Cherry – Little bit of psychedelia, little bit of melody and a whole lot of groove. They reminded me of a slightly more rocking version of your favorite JaMC singles, and I didn’t mind that one damn bit.

Holy Wire – I’ve been jamming to Holy Wire for a bit, and I loved the live show. It reminded me of the power you got watching Majical Cloudz back in the day, only with a more danceable pulse beneath the vocal curls.

Lola Tried – Lauren and company absolutely brought it! From start to finish they just slammed through a set of pop rock that made you want to scream along in ecstasy. And, it never hurts to end with a cover of “Teenage Dirtbag.”

Nathan’s Random Thoughts

First, huge shout out to John at SOTO and to Katelynn at Vegas, who crushed the bill. I love working with John; he’s one of the most organized and down to Earth folks working the music stuff in Austin, so he makes it easy on everyone involved.

Second, thank you to the weather. You never know what you’re going to get at SXSW; is it too hot, too cold, rainy? No, it was the perfect temperature, sunny but not sweltering, and just the slightest breeze, so everyone kept their drinks full and their smiles huge.

Finally, the bands. There wasn’t a single band on the bill that didn’t absolutely kill it. From new bands like the aforementioned Hallo to seasoned vets like A Sinclair, every performance was a reminder that Austin still has it!

BGray’s Top Bands

Holy Wire – I’m with Nathan there. Perfect use of live/loop/built on stage.

Animals on TV – Worth the night out to view and hang with a group that has a collective following. When they fully grow into their stage presence, it could be a magical blend of pleasantly arrogant brit-rock and glam shenanigans.

BGray’s Random Thoughts

I’ll let the gallery talk.

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  • *crying*

    Catching up on the blog and was pleasantly surprised (more than pleasantly) to see us mentioned. Thank you for watching our set and Im so glad you enjoyed our sound. Your words mean so much to us.

    We had THE BEST time at the show! Thanks again for inviting us.


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