Cindy Share Earthly Belonging Single

If ever there was a band coming through with a new LP that needed praise and adoration then it would absolutely be Cindy…though I’ve been hoping folks would catch on far earlier. Each single that drops from Why Not Now seems to up the ante on the band’s sound, expanding into an almost bouncy bit of pop on their latest. The rhythm section controls the song here, kicking out this steady little gallop that serves as the backbone for a solid vocal performance from Karina Gill. Strangely, this song seems like a natural progression, and in the whole of the record, it doesn’t feel out of place one bit, as the charm they’ve delivered has always been there, they just push it way up front. Seriously, how is this not already one of the best albums on everyone’s list? Go grab a copy of Why Not Now from Mt. St. Mtn.; it drops on April 14th.

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