Beach Fossils Share Run to the Moon Video

When listening through the latest single from Beach Fossils you can feel the sense of freedom and joy that Dustin Payseur has alluded to in the press bits for this album cycle. You can still easily slide into the sort of dreamy moments, but there’s this seeming weight lifted from the music, maybe just in the strumming of the guitars. There’s even a sentiment that feels omnipresent in the world the last few years, albeit spun through the perspective of a New Yorker: “living in New York it can grind you down.” Sure, that’s New York, but just the world in general can leave that weight atop your shoulders, so finding a bit of pop like this to kind of let the spirits free is vital to our existence. You’ll find this emotional reprieve on Bunny, which drops June 2nd via Bayonet.

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