Shrapnel Share Catch You Out; Ready New LP

Having already covered Mope City this week, it only makes sense that I include another project featuring members: the much loved, Shrapnel. The last time we heard from them was when they dropped Alasitas back in 2021, but it sounds like they’ve got another LP ready to go later this year. “Catch You Out” drops in with this heavy rock riff, working in some of that glam-psychedelia stomping; it soon fades away to allow this steadied cool, something that sounds like it would have come from a post-Elephant 6 act. Sure, there’s an assertive bravado to the way the riffs ring out, but even as they’re reverberating around my room, I can’t help but harp on the natural charm, calling to mind heavy guitar poppers like TFC and the like. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more about their new LP!

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