Kintsugi Share First Single from Life in Death

Kintsugi is the new project from siblings Kessiah and Stephan Gordon; it also is a Japanese philosophy that encourages us to build ourselves up from the imperfections and moments of loss in life. Together, the duo joins to create an instrumental collection that helped them deal with the loss of their mother; the first single is below, a thoroughly moving piece even without the awareness of the content. Guitars are lightly played and ambient noises trickle in the background, occasional instruments pluck up the courage to rise above the surface. To a degree, it feels like mourning, as you can feel the weight of the song, only for a slight bit of sunlight to shine upon you. There’s a moment just after the 2 minute mark where a beat comes in faintly, and its like you’re carefully breathing, listening to your own heart as you connect with the music before you. They will release the whole collection, Life In Death, on July 14th.

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