The Clientele Share Dying in May

Long ago the Clientele were able to create these foggy soundscapes of striking beauty, but for their latest release, it seems like they’re set on building beyond the expectations of the masses, even going so far as to strip songs of guitars. That’s exactly what they’ve done here, with layered percussion (both live and sampled) driving the song, while the atmospheric realm is built by varying other instruments like french horn and cello. Oddly, it somehow feels still every bit like a Clientele song; you still feel as if you’re listening to pop music for outsiders, leaning out the window with the wind at your face while everyone inside is rocking away on the radio. Totally excited to hear what the band can do wit a 19 song journey; we’ll find out when the band release I am Not There Anymore on July 28th via Merge.

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