Woods Drop Double Single

As a new Woods record hangs in the balance, it’s getting near for the band to go full promotion mode, so what better way than to touch down with a double single release? The first of the tracks, “Another Side,” started off just twisting into this groovy bit of exploration, filling in a heavy beat with horns on the horizon; it sets up the song really well for the center, dropping in just after the 2.5 minute mark. When those vocals drop in they’ve got this sort of pastoral nature, blending the track into this heavy groove that makes it pretty tasty. Flip that towards “Weep” and you get a little dose of the band at their best, twinkling guitar pieces tied nicely into a rolling bit of understated percussion. I love the absolute burst of ethereal joy that arrives with the chorus on this tune; they’re trying to one up the Clientele on this one! Both tracks have Perennial high upon my list of anticipated Fall records; it drops on September 15th via Woodsist.

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