ME REX Prep Release of Giant Elk

Admittedly, I’m a huge sucker for the pop punk/indie rock that sounds/feels British, and ME REX has been at the top of that list (along with Martha) the last few years. Today, they dropped a fresh single out there that’s the perfect encapsulation of their sound. As you listen, you’ll notice that the song rolls to match the stomp of the vocal delivery from Myles McCabe; it seems like each drum fill and guitar riff was there to wrap a blanket around him. But, where the song excels is that euphoric joy that hits in the chorus as the tension finally releases. Sure, they could hit me with more bombast there, and I wouldn’t hate it, but as is, you get this punchy gem of a tune that you’ll soon be singing the rest of the day! Look for Giant Elk to drop on October 20th via Big Scary Monsters.

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