Will Johnson Announces No Ordinary Crown

Back somewhere in the very late 90s, maybe even like 2000, I remember a friend dropping this Centro-Matic CD my way; I was hooked on Will Johnson‘s voice that day, and have followed his work avidly throughout his distinguished career. Today, our buds over at Keeled Scales have announced his new LP, No Ordinary Crown, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. There’s a heaviness to the riff work that’s living under Will’s voice; it’s matched by the thunderous drum hits smashing through your speakers. But, like a some magical gravitational pull, Johnson tugs us into his world with his distinctive voice. Then, the tune takes off and smashes into this rocking moment, stomping the floor with a huge burst of explosive energy that’s sure to have you turning the knob all the way to 11. No Ordinary Crown drops on September 15th.

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