Sagittaire Share Two Lovers Video

Patience is a skill oft overlooked in the rock n’ roll scene, but when done well, it allows the music to marinate, to really soak the listener in its emotional power…like this new track from Sagittaire. To me, it feels like the an electronic pulse, sent to the surface from some underwater research center, at least for the first fifteen seconds or so. Then, vocals walk into the show, again, keeping their distance in the presentation, almost like a ghostly echo hanging in the ether. You’re here for a minute or so, meditating, waiting as a percussive element move into the song, pushing into a more organic, beat-driven world. The Surraul directed video builds upon the layering of sound, with a stationary figure seemingly unaware of the world behind him, then moving into a blurring of the lines as the song gradually unfolds. Lucian and Caroline is the new LP; it will be out on October 13th.

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