Rae Fitzgerald Announce Say I Look Happy

You can almost always place your bets on an act that works with Keeled Scales; they’ve broken some great Austin acts, and continue to branch out with their tastes, like Missouri’s Rae Fitzgerald. This tune beings subtly, switching in a little more pace within a few seconds to open the track to the poetic lines from Fitzgerald. Personally, I love the line “there’s nowhere I can go where ghosts won’t laugh me out of town;” it’s a sentiment of many a person, whether those ghosts are lost friends/family or just lives we once lived, we’ve all left something. I think that speaks to the sentiment of Rae’s song too, discussing the “collapse of so many foundational American myths.” All of that poetry gets swept up in the solid strum and really powerful vocals that are likely to pull you even further inside. Look for Say I Look Happy on September 1st.

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