Seablite Release Pot of Boiling Water Video

Whether on accident or luck, some bands just hit all the right notes with certain songs; for me, the new Seablite track is precisely a band blending various moments in music into one cohesive ball of blissed pop. Lurking in the shadows of the song (and video!) you’ll hear this gothic tendencies, but as easily as we could dive in there, other elements begin to rise through that wall. Feedback and a wall of noise blow in from behind, then hang about in the atmosphere, billowing with the faintest discord in the distance. All of it coats the airy vocals sitting in the middle, waiting to find their way to your ears. Sure, there’s tons of adjacent sounds here, but it’s been a minute since I’ve heard it executed this well! The band will release Lemon Lights on September 29th via Mt. St. Mtn.

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