Citric Dummies Share Fresh Single, Announce New LP

What better way to announce a brand new album than to drop a blistering open track that rips right through your speakers? Citric Dummies have done just that, along with a nice little nod towards fellow Minnesotans Husker Du in both the album art and the title, Zen and the Arcade of Beating Your Ass. While it be easy to place the trio in some punk sub-genre, they seem more intent on breaking all the rules of punk expectations. Sure, when the chorus hits, there’s a howl that falls somewhere between Ozzy and Danzig, though I almost feel like that’s playing more to a traditional metal audience than a punk one. That said, there’s fiery guitar solos ripping here and there, like some melodic skate-punk anthem that got drenched at the Gwar show; think Queens of the Stone Age with high levels of fun and low levels of asshole-ness. They drop Zen and the Arcade of Beating Your Ass on November 3rd via Feel It Records.

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