Seablite Share Hit the Wall Video

Lemon Lights, the brand new LP from San Francisco’s Seablite, is out this Friday, and we’ve had it as one of our most-anticipated releases as we near the end of the musical year. Up until now, the group have offered their perfect blend of dreamy pop-gaze, though they’ve mostly been playing up the dark side, particularly with “Pot of Boiling Water.” All that to say, I think the new single offers a glimpse of the band in complete control of their vision, perhaps even bringing out some of their best tricks to guarantee they leave us with a standout LP. When I first heard it, it kind of reminds me of that sort of acid-house influence creeping into the dream/jangle realm of the current climate; it’s got this secret wash that keeps locked into a playful groove. Jenn Heard’s video plays up to that sensibility, throwing in some light-hearted magic to tie into the whimsical approach on the single. Lemon Lights is a must have; grab a copy from Mt. St. Mtn. on Friday!

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