What weekend of ACL is it, Karen? Ok, thanks!

Weekend Two of ACL Music Festival 2023 promises to keep some trends from Weekend One alive. First of all, the weather gets an encore. It will be a bit warm on Friday, nothing too bad. A cold front will land and we’ll be in for Chamber of Commerce weather on Saturday and Sunday; it is going to be nice enough to break out the DON’T MOVE HERE shirts. Let’s get to some WE2 updates and little gallery from last weekend where I was on stage for a song thanks to my close personal friend Jared Leto. The sad news is losing out on artists like The Mars Volta and The Walkmen. The main draw for WE2 from my perspective is M83.

Click it through…

Friday: Tip learned from WE1, Thee Sacred Souls is a lovely set of music blending Motown and R&B. It was a great start after seeing Asleep at the Wheel’s annual kickoff. First set duties are going Jimmy Vaughn and the Tilt-a-Whirl Band for WE2. A friend said the FKJ ACL Nights show was interesting, so adding Vincent to my list this week.

Saturday: The biggest change will be seeing Tegan and Sara (Titos @ 6pm). The other intriguing add is SNOOPER (BMI @ 3pm). Many of their songs are sub two minute vignettes of and speedy semi-post punk lofi.

Sunday: The aforementioned M83 (Honda @ 4:15pm) will be the top new target.

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