No Drama Share MFNM Single

Last week we brought you news that our friends over at Hidden Bay Records/Seitan’s Hell Bike Punks were going to jointly release a new collection of songs by French band No Drama. Today, we have a fresh single that we hope will get your eyes and ears on the project. This one grabbed me immediately, bringing in some really light guitar notes that rang in my ears, allowing the song to set the mood before you even get a bit of vocals. When the vocals roll into the scene, they’re light, careful not to disrupt the pop structure coming through; you even get an added melodic brush with backing vocals. Still, the shifts and changes aren’t done, as you begin to hear a heavier riff working beneath the surface; the tension builds and the song carries more volume, pushing a grungy punch. I could probably, and hopefully, listen to this song all day. The self titled EP drops on November 3rd.

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